​            Central Phuket created the special event “Central Phuket international countdown 2020” with the outstanding idea created around a world class countdown event, moreover with famous artists and international DJs from around the world making this phenomenon under the concept “Ultimate Happiness at the largest Countdown Celebration 2020 in Phuket”. The history from last year has been made to be memorable and has become one of the best festival destinations. This year we predicted that there will be more than 25,000 participants expected to join us.

​            We are proud to present the ultimate show in Phuket by the spectacular light and sound techniques over the area of 8,000 square meters which supports customers, moreover with the performance under concept ultimate festival fireworks, :The glory of Andaman and more experience countdown in 4D & 4 Seasons: (Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn) together with famous artists from Thailand and international DJs such as Ice Sarunyu, Yes’ sir Days, DJ Roxy June and DJ Xenia Ghali from Tomorrow Land for created the new memorable of countdown event.

​            The international countdown is promoting the tourism image of Phuket to be one of the most memorable destinations for tourists around the world on 31st of December 2019 at Phuket Outdoor Arena, Floresta wing, Central Phuket.

​            For more detail: Facebook Fanpage: Central Phuket.