August 3, 2018 – dtac launches new service, dtac TURBO on 2300 MHz spectrum in Phuket along with tourism promotion to persuade Chinese tourists back to Phuket once again. The promotion includes privileges from dtac reward and Happy Tourist SIM for special discounts at over 300 hotels and restaurants around Phuket. dtac TURBO is available in areas with intense internet traffic around the island. Hence, people of Phuket and tourists can surf internet for movies, videos, and social network with stable services from the high-performance dtac TURBO on 2300 MHz with 60 MHz of bandwidth, considerably the nation’s widest single block of spectrum. Besides, dtac TURBO is the only service that deploys TDD technology to improve the spectral efficiency in channels for smoother large-volume data transmission over mobile network. As part of the introduction of dtac TURBO in Phuket, dtac offers special deals for internet packages and smartphones, exclusively for people of Phuket.

Mr. Panya Vechbanyongratana, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “Phuket is one of the most attractive places in the world. Tourists fall in love with Phuket due to its natural beauty, clear sea, and white sand beach, including local dishes. Apart from the beautiful island and clear sea, there are many more tourist attractions in Phuket waiting for visitors to experience. dtac would like to invite local and foreign tourists to visit Phuket. Thus, dtac kindly provide tourists dtac reward and Happy Tourist SIM, which are full of privileges and discounts for Phuket visitors.”

  • Receive dtac reward’s privilege from more than 300 hotels, stores, and restaurants in all three districts of Phuket. Hotels, stores, and restaurants participating in the campaign include Cape Panwa Hotel, Kantary Bay Hotel Phuket, Sweet Home Resort and Spa, Somchit Noodle House, Vintage Isan Zapver, Gluay Nam Wa, The Tent, Kopi de Phuket, Café de sol, Phuket Bird Park, Phuket Botanic Garden, etc.
  • Happy Tourist SIM, Thailand’s number one SIM for Chinese travelers, offers internet data upgrade to 13GB for a special price when customers purchase dtac Happy Tourist SIM 299 at dtac center in Phuket International Airport until August 31, 2018. Customers also receive other privileges from popular shops. For example, “NaRaYa”, a popular local fashion bag, offers 5% discount to dtac Happy Tourist SIM’s customers with all purchases in the store until September 30, 2018.

dtac TURBO on 2300 MHz in cooperation with TOT provides smooth internet experience. dtac’s strategy is to have the new service covering all key areas, where internet traffic is high-leveled, as soon as possible. dtac has chosen Phuket to be the first southern province to launch dtac TURBO in order to enhance the high-speed internet network infrastructure to serve customers, people, and tourists. The new service is available in key tourism and community areas such as Patong Beach Road, Banzaan Fresh Market, Naka Market, AwaMarket, Phuket Road, Ratsada Road, etc. Besides, this new launch can drive the economic growth by fostering SMEs and tourism industry transformation to the digital economy, in line with government’s Thailand 4.0 policy. dtac would like to be part of the private sector to push Phuket towards a fully smart city.

According to the global digital report by We are Social (, there are over 93.61 million mobile internet subscribers with the average daily usage time of 4.56 hours. There are 51 million people in Thailand using social media and 46 million among them use it via smartphones. Whereas, Facebook is the number one social network in Thailand followed, in ascending order, by YouTube, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

The analysis of mobile internet usage behavior of Thai people reveals that they consume the most and second-most data on chat app and video, respectively. In addition, Thailand is one of the top countries for the longest YouTube watch time in the world.

Mr. Panya Vechbanyongratana added, “Presently, customers demand high-speed and smooth internet for great mobile phone experience. Therefore, the dtac TURBO marketing and sales strategy is to provide the special internet packages for postpaid and prepaid customers, including great deals for smartphones, for the celebration of a new spectrum launch.”

  • Non-Stop Internet packages for postpaid customers: Get free extra internet for any package subscription. The unused internet can be rolled over to the next month and packages start from only 599 Baht. For more details, please visit The promotion includes ‘Super Speed Super Sale’ deals with smartphone discounts of up to 15,000 Baht.
  • Super Max-Net, add-on packages for prepaid customer. Non-Stop Internet at maximum speed. For more details, please visit
  • Super Speed Super Sale’, hot deals for smartphones, with the maximum discount of 15,000 Baht. Special!!! There are 1,500 give-away coupons of 2,300 Baht smartphone discount for both prepaid and postpaid customers at dtac center around Phuket and Central Festival Phuket on August 4-5. For more details, please visit
  • Special!!! MNP customers get extra 1,500 Baht smartphone discount.

dtac TURBO is now available in Phuket at selected areas identified with ‘dtac-T’ banners. To check the service availability, please call *2300# or visit