Hanuman World Phuket – A New World Of Adventure Where Myths Become Reality

Hanuman World Phuket is an exciting yet extremely safe treetop ziplining adventure just to the west of Phuket Town. With 16 thrilling lines up to 400 metres in length, dodging between huge and ancient trees in dense hillside jungle, it is a great way for families and thrill-seekers to get close to nature without risking either your own safety or that of the trees around you.

Opened in March 2016, the large adventure park also features a sky walk, allowing you to traverse the forest canopy at a rather more sedate pace, stopping to look at the remarkable wild trees and plant life around you. The walk leads to a large platform with a trampoline-like sun bed and a bar for trying out different local fruits and their juices. There is also a “roller zipline” which traverses the whole park at high speed in one long, twisting line.

Hanuman World (Sky World Adventure)
83120 Phuket
Tel: +66 862 979 5533
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HanumanWorld/
Website: www.hanumanworldphuket.com
Text from: www.phuket.com
Featured photo: Hanuman World Phuket Fan Page