During July to September, Phra Prong Water Reservoir in Sa Kaeo province will be a dream destination for anyone who want to experience snakebird watching in Thailand. It is the time when Oriental Darter or ‘snakebird’ a large-sized waterfowl of tropical South Asia and Southeast Asia can be largely seen at this area.

Previously, this bird were rare to be seen and they were classified as globally threatened and nearly became extinct from Thailand. But since 2005, they were found migrating from elsewhere to many areas in Sa Kaeo province, especially at Phra Prong Water Reservoir which has become their breeding grounds.

Observing the life of the snakebirds and watching how they catch the fish can be fun and exciting experience and local authorities are inviting visitors to visit Sa Kaeo at this time of the year for the snakebird watching festival and you will come to realise why the Oriental Darter is nicknamed as ‘snakebird’.

Aside from snakebirds, several other birds can be spotted at this time too such as open-billed storks, drongo, Black-crowned night heron, Little cormorant, Purple heron and many more.

Tourists can rent a boat for snakebird watching trip and enjoy birds and waterfowls in natural habitats. Such opportunity makes this one of the must-visit Thailand Events and Festivals.

Phra Prong Water Reservoir is located in Chongkum sub-district, Wattana Nakhon district, Sa Kaeo province in the Eastern Region of Thailand.

When: 01 July 2017 – 30 September 2017

Where: Phra Prong Water Reservoir, Chongkum sub-district, Wattana Nakhon district, Sa Kaeo

Contact: TAT Nakhon Nayok Office / Tel: +66 (0) 3731 2282

Photos: www.bangkokscoop.com

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