“TRIBHUM : The Mystical Three Worlds”, the world’s first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park, launches the Mechanism Thai Art : Naga Conquers Demon”, its newest marvellous live show created with the fusion of multimedia elements and advanced world-class technique. Now offering special promotions, the TRIBHUM show is celebrating the festive season with Thai visitors with over 50% discount!!


Mr.Wiwat Eurvongvaranont Vice President of Attraction, Property Management at Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN) as a Director of TRIBHUM Theme Park, mentioned that as one of the grandest attractions of Central Phuket, the “TRIBHUM : The Mystical Three Worlds” is now unveiling an extraordinary phenomenon with the newest eye-dazzling live show called the Mechanism Thai Art : Naga Conquers Demon. Aiming to pass on the heritage of Thai art and culture in a contemporary way, the show presents an inspiring tale from a traditional folklore re-designed to entertain the audience through their imagination. The show will take place at the Anodard Extreme Theater,              4 times a day, which are 1:00 pm/ 2:30 pm/ 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm, from 26 December 2019.


“The “Mechanism Thai Art : Naga Conquers Demon” live-show portrays how angels and animals of the Himmapan forest fight to protect the Amarit (holy water) from the Demon, yet they are unable to tackle. As one of deities joined in the blessing ceremony of the Amarit at Krailas Mountain, the Naga is called upon to conquer the Demon. The audience will marvel at the live show created with contemporary Thai art, fusing with multimedia elements and stunning light and sound show delivered with advanced world-class technique. Large robotic puppets are featured using the Projection Mapping that radiates onto a gigantic mountain. Not only entertaining, but the show is also inspiring the audience with thoughtful philosophy, as the good definitely conquers evil.”


Mr.Wiwat, further said that obviously after 9 months of business, the TRIBHUM has been warmly welcomed by both Thai and foreign tourists. Considered a global destination that is different from other attractions, the TRIBHUM suits fine with tourists of all genders, age ranges and lifestyles. Everyone can experience and enjoy their time together. There are photography spots for visitors that feature astonishing day and night landscapes. We have continued to develop new attractions by focusing on branding the TRIBHUM characters. Our use of technology on online platform will emphasise the TRIBHUM as the world-class man-made attraction landmark that tourists can’t miss,

Under the TRIBHUM VISION 2020, we expect to soar as a Global Destination Theme Park that delivers Exciting Experience beyond Expectation using our specifically designed business roadmap which embraces 9 strategies with the aim to boost the number of domestic and international visitors as follows:

  1. Joining forces with alliances from public and private sectors, including the Tourism Authority of Thailand, international airlines, telecommunications service providers, financial institutions, hotels and Digital Platform business sector.
  2. Holding exclusive sales promotional activities for target groups, such as honeymooners, family tourists, adventure and green tour groups
  3. Sales promotional campaigns offered in special prices through B2B and B2C agents.
  4. Expanding the free independent traveller (FIT) market together with online travel agents in both domestic and international markets.
  5. Consistently creating fresh activities and festival events that strike the tourists’ needs.
  6. Supporting sales efforts of public and private educational institutions, as well as local administration offices to promote tourism in the dimension of learning.
  7. Expanding ticketing sales at tribhum.com. Tourists can buy their ticket from all over the world.
  8. Emphasising promotion through Micro Influencers, which reach consumers better, to increase popularity from real experience by using powerful word-of-mouth approach.
  9. Growing as an ideal MICE Destination that responds to the needs of new creative events in a comprehensive way.


To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, the TRIBHUM now offers special promotions for Thai visitors!!  Adult visitors can buy the ticket for only 750 baht from 1,500 baht and 350 baht (from 750 baht) for children. Offer is available from 26 December 2019 until 31 January 2020 (Ticket is valid for 6 months after the promotion date starts). Ticket can be purchased from the following agents:


or get the promotional tickets at the TRIBHUM ticket booth (Terms and conditions apply).

For more information, please visit www.tribhum.com and www.facebook.com/tribhumofficial or call 076-627-399.